Inaugurated on 31st December 1998, the Laguardia automaton clock today represents more a sign of the identity of this population that is so rich in history, art, traditions and customs. One of the most-loved traditions of the place is represented by this clock’s dolls: they initiate the town’s patron saint festivities, those of Saint John, on 23rd June.

Integrated into the clock are “El Cachimorro” and two dancers, dressed in the typical attire of Laguardia, which, at the programmed times and after the initial melody (a typical sound of the town), come out onto the balcony and begin the dance.
The melody that sounds is ‘el pasacalles de san juan’ (The Parades of Saint John), which, performed by the Laguardia bagpipers and dulzaina players (also something very typical), accompanies the dancers in initiating the patron saint festivities of this town.

All the above, from the figure of Cachimorro, to the dancers’ costumes, along with the music that plays, represents one of the most important traditions in Laguardia.