Foto: Josemi Rodriguez

At a height of approximately eleven stories, the structure of this lift on the eastern side of the town draws the eye. Thanks to its construction, the inhabitants and visitors of Laguardia are now able to avoid going on a detour to get to the upper part of the town.

From the upper section, it provides a perfect perspective of the Laguardia Lagoon Complex, specifically of Prao de la Paul. This lagoon complex was declared a Protected Biotope for its characteristics and its recognised biodiversity. The lift also allows you to see some of the vineyards and wineries that surround the municipality.

The facility has been completed with a walkway at the top that flows into a pedestrian crossing and offers easy access to the town’s walled area. People with reduced mobility, students who attend the school, inhabitants who live in the buildings near to the recreation ground or the users of these facilities benefit most from this elevator. Even tourists can benefit, given that there is a space at the bottom for parking cars and buses. Visitors can begin their tour of Laguardia with a trip in the lift.

The lift is in operation from seven in the morning until midnight and holds a maximum capacity of ten people or 800 kilos.