Foto: Aitor Ayesa

The Holy Week in Laguardia is lived in a very intense way. The Processions have always been very solemn. A lot of villagers take an active part in the activities that are carried out during these days.

The Processions take place on Holy Thursday and Holy Friday.

The staging of the “Descendimiento” (Descent from the Cross) during the Holy Week in Laguardia is considered to be very typical. On the evening of the Holy Thursday, after the Mass, a very big image of Jesus Christ on the Cross is placed on top of the parish church altar. This figure has articulate arms. Some members of the “Hermanos de la Escuela de Cristo” (Brotherhood of the Christ School), dressed in their black tunics, climb the Cross and unnail Christ's hands and feet and put the body into the Sepulchre.

On Holy Friday, before the “Sermon on the Passion” at dawn the villagers sing some verses in the streets about the passion and death of Christ. These verses are called “Verses of the Holy Friday”.